Instructions for using E-TUNNING

Instructions for using E-TUNNING

Instructions for using E-TUNNING temperature insulation coating on the housing or external surfaces of batteries of electric cars.

Content of E-TUNNING Pack:

  • Rectifier spray for general use
  • Aerosol rectifier spray for cleaning metal surfaces
  • E-TUNNING temperature insulation material in plastic
  • The E-TUNNING temperature insulation material is applicable without opening/unfolding the battery housing or metal cover plating. It is not required to unfold any structural or constructive unit to reach the desired result, and it may affect warranty problems. The seller and distributor of E-TUNNING will not take any responsibility for these problems.

E-TUNNING liquid (temperature insulation) material which contains microscopic size (10-50 nano size) vacuum ceramic balls; they consistently blend in liquid which is a mixture of acrylic polymers and inorganic pigments. The material will keep its special properties within both warm and cold environment.

Temperature of the surface to be coated should be between -35 and +250 Centigrade (Celsius)

Transportation and storage of the material in not admissible under +5 degrees.

  • Preparation of the lay on of E-TUNNING

There is no need for special preparation works before the lay on of E-TUNNING temperature insulation material. Stir it up profoundly right before use; if necessary slacken it with distilled water.

1.1. Remove the lid of the bucket with a knife.

1.2. Brake the arise skin or even the thicker ceramic coat, use a flat churn-dasher and carefully poss the thickened material in the middle to push it under the inside the liquid and let the liquid cover it all.

1.3. Move the churn-dasher vertically to submerge the thick pieces and then slowly mix the content of the bucket with and churn-staff on a drill body.

1.4. Mix it until the material will dissolve; to receive a creamy stuff without pieces and knobs

1.5. Pour the mixed material to a clean bucket through a filter. Use

A 0,5-1,0 mm hole size filter. Remove the remaining knobs, not to ram the sprayer nose.

1.6. The maximum coat thickness of the E-TUNNING temperature insulation material sprayed in one session is 0,6 mm (multiple tool movement), spray the next coat after min. 3 hours of drying at 20-22 degrees of Celsius environmental temperature. Spray the next coat in transverse direction.


The E-TUNNING temperature insulation material is not paint, but it is an insulation coating! Do not mix or stir it quickly, it may destroy the ceramic balls and instead of alloying the material may diverge because of the modulator differences.

Use 300 round/minute rev for mixing.

2. Preparation of the surface

The material will expand perfectly on all types of surface: metal, plastic etc. The surface must be dry and fatless!

2.1. We clean the surface to be insulated from all kinds of dust, general contaminations, with the rectifier spray for general use, which you find in the pack.

Then use the aerosol rectifier spray for cleaning metal surfaces to clean the working surface from all paint remains, rust and for degreasing. Wait until the degreased surface will dry.

2.2. After drying spray the first coat of E-TUNNING on the surface. Prepare the coatings according to the prescriptions of Point

1.6. In order to achieve the optimal insulation put on 3 coatings. Always spray the next coat in transverse direction.

2.3. Rub plastic surfaces with a piece of leather (to remove paintwork), than remove dust and degrease it.

3. Tools and machines

3.1. Use airless compressor and spray nose or long bristle and soft natural brush for working with E-TUNNING temperature insulation coating.

3.2. For use in car services we propose to apply airless compressor - working pressure 80-120 bar.