The principal of operation of E-TUNNING

The principal of operation of E-TUNNING 

It is well-known that batteries are providing the most of the stored energy in a narrow temperature range. Their refill time and capacity is optimal also within this narrow range. On the graph below we show you the difference between the batteries without and with E-TUNNIG protection.

Based on the facts above we have to protect the electric resource - the battery - of the vehicle against extreme heat or cold. E-TUNNING is ready to fulfill this demand.


The coating contains microscopic hollow ceramic balls; they consistently blend in liquid which is a mixture of acrylic polymers and inorganic pigments.

Due to this combination the material will present light, flexible, tensile and good adhesive features with the surfaces to be coated.

E-TUNNING temperature insulation coating is a blue color suspension tincture which is creating a flexible surface after drying. E-TUNNING temperature insulation coating can be used to cover surfaces of all kinds, shape, and also for surfaces which are difficult to access.

E-TUNNING temperature insulation coating can be used on:

• metal

• plastic

• rubber

surfaces as well. Temperature of the surface to be coated should be between -35 and +250 Centigrade (Celsius)

The surface has to be clean and fine, free of grease impurities, dust and rust. Working temperature of the material has to between -60 and +260 Centigrade (Celsius).

E-TUNNING temperature insulation material can be applied to the surface by airless compressor, or/and by brush.

One layer cannot be thicker than 0,6 mm. Drying time is 24 hours on normal room temperature. Vulcanization time is 12 hours.

One liter of the coating will cover 2 m2 in 0,5 mm thick layer.

E-TUNNING is an ecologically clean material: it does not contain any toxic or harmful components. For this reason the material can be used in closed room without extra ventilation.

The harmful materials do not exceed the following values:

Nomination / Unit / Value

Formaldehyde mg/m3 <0,007

Ammonia mg/m3 <0,04

Styrol mg/m3 <0,002

Acrylonitrile mg/m3 <0,03

Benzene mg/m3 <0,08

Toulol mg/m3 <0,6

Xilene mg/m3 <0,2

Methyl metacrylate mg/m3 <0,1

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